IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

a big bucket of happy landed in my mailbox! so excited to open it up and get started! thank you jamie!

I wanted to start off by sharing my "happy moment" from last week:

I was fortunate enough to attend a retreat this past october and one of our assignments was to write a letter to ourselves and in turn write a little note for all the group members and tuck it into their envelopes. the catch was that we were then to leave our letters with the organizer and she would mail them back to us in about three months. what a treat to receive my letter that I had written to myself and had forgot what I had written! then in turn to receive six more beautiful letters filled with love and hope, promise and support. and our amazing host angela wrote the above words on my envelope. such a unique group of women with whom I each shared special moments. this was truly "my happy" for last week.


Raeh said...

"...a big bucket of happy..."

I laughed out loud, excellently put =)

gina said...

Hope you're enjoying the Happy Book. Being the first one of the Bliss Circle, I feel challenged and excited to dip into the book. It's fun to see the smiles on people's faces when I ask them to write in it.
We're spreading a little bliss around Sacramento. Hope yours is doing the same in your town.