have ya heard?

I am part of the first ever "the next chapter mail-around"! yay ME! this time around we will be using the happy book by rachel kempster and meg leder.

jamie is someone I met while doing the "wreck this journal" as part of "the next chapter". SHE is responsible for having me take my journal in the shower! gasp!

what is she wanting me to do this time? fill a journal style book with happiness. things that make me happy, positive thoughts and fun things to do to so that I can put that negativity aside and then let it go on to the next happy contributor. perfect! just what I need.

I am not alone on this assignment. I am a member of the glee group. hee hee! go check it out! you can participate too by sharing your happy with all of us each friday.

looking forward to receiving the book and sharing my progress with you.

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Jamie Ridler said...

Lol, I love being responsible for such madcap adventures! I can't wait to see what you'll get up to with The Happy Book!