finally "inspired"...

I received a call from bill (holla) today and decided that I should probably complete my projects from last year's "inspired" before I attend this year's "inspired".  SO excited to be able to go again!

first up we have jennifer stewart's class "welcome spring".  I was very overwhelmed by the amount of product I received in my kit and ended up leaving the classroom for a bit.  I wandered down the hallway and into the vendor's marketplace and picked up some papers hoping for some courage to just get it done.  

Jennifer was an absolute sweetheart (holla) and was very understanding and encouraged me to go for it.  my project included bits from our trip to the dominican republic.  there are sea shells, sand and pics of dan.  he loved the end product so much that he scooped it up and put it in his bathroom.  he really liked how it reminded him of the beach.  perfect!  thanks jennifer!  can't wait for the starbucks date!

next I finished up my project from christina's class "textile anthology".

and now that the projects were all completed that meant that I could also complete my travel journal for the event.  enjoy!


Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS!!! YOur travel journal is amazing and you have totally inspired me to put mine together. I still have to finish the Textile project and the Mini workshop project with the empty spools of ribbon and dowels. It's a good goal to finish it before the next event! :)

Patti said...

Hello: I met you last year at Inspired. I was the girl with the shirt you liked from Chico's...the words create, art, etc. on it. Just wanted to drop a line and tell you congrats for finishing your projects. I still have a little work to do. Come visit my blog sometime, it is a new adventure for me.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing first of all! I still have some work to do on mine, but really loved every project we worked on. Your book is just beautiful and I do remember you. Thanks for sharing your finished project.
(I don't feel like you're rubbing it in at Mac

Cameron said...

Okay, I need to get busy on finishing up my projects!! :)

Anonymous said...

nadia (holla)

LOVE it it that you finished the cedar fence. i STILL haven't completed mine.

i scrapped the whole texile project which is pretty funny b/c i am now working on one and i'm LOVING it!

your journal is fan-freakin-tabulous!

by the way... where does our circle journal stand? i don't think i ever got the last one.

love your work chica! can't wait to see you again this year!

Anonymous said...

ok. You make me want to go finish mine now too...Thanks for sharing Nadia! it's fantastic!