I once was lost, but now I am "FOUND"

when I say "found" I am of course speaking of the "found" part of the studio.

after emptying out my room completely and going through every single item one by one I am finally ready to reveal. I started this around january 1 and was determined to do it with the thought in mind that "less is more". I seem to create better when I have less options. and so here we go...

as you enter you see the door and my new huge cork board and the closet door:

and then a pic of laurie's table. and the start of mine as well as my artist inspiration wall (kristen, laurie, anahata,estelle, kal, lisa & marg) to which I will continue to add to:

and more of my table including the new file cart and my inspiration clothes line:

next my "n" wall with a wipe off board and my sewing machine with it's brand new cover and my book shelf with project cases, my bag and mail out items:

then my bookcase with all the paper, paint, embellishments etc.:

and back to the door where I have put my motto in big bold letters:

and some close up shots:

all my pieces are from IKEA and can be set up in different ways. the table top boxes are from IKEA.  the blue baskets are also from IKEA.  I purchased the 12 x 12 project cases at michael's.  other plastic bins are from london drugs, but you can probably find them anywhere.  any questions just add to the comments and I will try to answer them.


Jilliene Designs said...

Hi Nadia,
I LOVE your space and am so happy to see someone with a similar stash. i did close -ups on your pictures and had to giggle at the similarities of our supplies and aesthetic. I understood the logic in so many of your storage decisions. i hope you do create each and everyday! with a room like that - you must!

Cameron said...

Wahoooo! Love your room! You are totally inspiring me, although the thought of emptying out my entire room and starting over is enough to make me fall to my knees. MAN I have a lot of stuff. So maybe that's exactly what I need! Thanks so much for sharing, I LOVE YOUR STUDIO! I love everything, the art on the walls and your door and your N wall and everything! Great job!

Gawdess said...

Talk about inspirational!!!!!
Maybe it is time to talk to my family about taking my art (camera/photography) out of the one drawer in the living room and making a studio for me (okay I would still have to share the space with the spare room but still!)
Really, really cool stuff going on here!

Heather said...

Your art space is amazing! I am started to get motivated to start tackling mine...gotta do it before May when I stock up on stuff at Inspired!