been trying to upload a music video of dan....hmmmmm....

friday the 13th?

been gone awhile.  lots happening around here.  my cousin made it through her surgery and will hopefully be home tomorrow.   keep up the good thoughts/prayers for her please.  they are working!  she amazes me with her courage.  go mary!

mom went for her first treatment and dad said not to say anything to her, but he thinks she is walking better.  cute.

and me?  still not doing the dairy or the gluten and will continue without for at least a couple of months.  I feel 100% better and I hate to whine....but I miss pizza!  just sayin'.  I found some lactose free cheese today and bought some italian salami.  I didn't want to chance it today as I am teaching tomorrow.  I may try to make a pizza concoction on Sunday eve and see how it goes.

dan has decided to join the blog world.  check it out!
send him some love!  he has had a rough week.  lots to juggle and make sense of.  dealing with things that even grown ups have a hard time understanding.  love you dude!  maybe you could make me the pizza?

sparky has surgery on his eye and is resting comfortably and running into everything and everybody with his elizabethan collar.  max has the scars to prove it.  poor pups.

thinking a lot about life and time and lack of.  priorities and choices.  time wasters and stress.  tons to think about and sort out.   I want it different.  I am going to be changing things up.   no messing with what is working, but weeding out the bad, the useless and the downright yuck out of my life.  it's time.  with all that has happened in the last year it makes you stop and say hey!  hey you!  ya you!  cut that shit out!  just be and let 'IT' be okay.  laurie bought me this shirt last year that says "it is ok" and it is.  I'm just aching right now - shine on baby, shine on!

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Gawdess said...

I am so glad to hear your cousin came through surger okay, she is in my thoughts - hope the pizza thing turned out yummy - there has certainly been a lot on your plate these days!
not messing with what it working and just weeding out the bad is such a good way to go, I am going to try that!