eyes wide open...

I've heard of christmas in july, but halloween in june? this one's for Kath who always inspires me to keep my eyes wide open. I saw this weeks ago and finally had my camera with me to take a shot.

also caught this baby bunny while walking with Val. we were worried that it had lost it's mama, but when we came back around it was gone. so little that we almost didn't see it. such beautiful colored fur and so still. I didn't want to get too close, but I think it is a pretty good shot.

just woke up from what seems like my daily three hour nightly nap. not sure what is happening, but everyday for the last few days I conk out. no waking me and no reason for me to be this exhausted. really!

today was "lost" studio day. we only had time for some "quickies". hee hee! you will see what I mean shortly. keep checking for updates to next weeks class and you will see what I mean and don't forget to leave answer our question for the june blog prize!

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Gawdess said...

the baby bunny is soooooooooooo adoreable and what a great picture and I do love the ghost in June! You have a great eye! Missed you.