faves on friday

crazy beautiful!

Kilian Martin: Altered Route (a Skate Film) from mb! by Mercedes-Benz on Vimeo.

have you read?  I found his transformation incredible.  strip yourself of everything and get naked.  who are you really?  loved it!

mark bradford!  swoon!  "I don't come from an art background.  I come from a making background".  saw his exhibit at SFMOMA and fell in love.  check him out!

this emotional life worth every minute!  a very interesting look at our emotions, relationships and the resilience of people.

one of my most recent reads is very real, twisted and kinda funny all at the same time.  I devoured it!  her website is full of videos and writing.  it will keep you busy for awhile.

so I gave ya something to watch and something to read.  wish I could give ya a happy friday hug for all your love and support!  have an amazing weekend!


Jenny said...

I can't believe you read It Choses You! I read it earlier this year, and have made it my book club choice for my group this summer! What a fantastic and honest book. We're watching The Future when we get together to discuss it. Crazy!

shabby chic bedroom said...

be yourself, create art, everyday
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