and we're back!

a summary of our adventures over the summer...

we packed up our lives and crammed it all into a box. it was hard to believe that all we owned fit in there. we let go of so much old, unused and unsuitable items. I remember thinking that at the end of the day it is just "stuff". we are not defined by what we own. let it go...
we moved in with my parents for two weeks which was both a blessing and a curse. a blessing because we have two dogs and we were able to make ourselves comfortable and help dad out with taking care of mom. a curse because after we left they were heartbroken and I felt pulled into all different directions.
on to our next adventure at what we like to call our "beach home". we have been dreaming about living in a condo for a long time. for over two years we searched, planned and waited and finally our dream came true. we are working on settling in, making it our own and still dealing with touch ups, fix ups and heat! goodness it gets hot in this place!
we headed out of town to celebrate the union of these three. every time I look at this picture I am reminded of our own wedding. walking hand in hand with dan in our arms.
we had adorable visitors stay with us.
we took a plane to reunite with family who I haven't seen in over 20 years. we shared stories, laughter and tears. similar to my italy trip last year I couldn't believe we were together again and loved spending time with them. we met new family, new friends and celebrated another wedding. my heart is full and grateful for each and every one of them.

so if you are in california and you have a friend whom you only know through the internet and she offers to come up and meet you what would you say? HELL YES! after many years of knowing her online I was finally able to give linda a hug in person. she caught my attention after the release of journal revolution. she is real, she is true and not to mention - adorable! she is a great friend and I had so much fun spending the day together doing starbucks, eating tacos and chatting about life and art. love that girl!

and NOW? back in the swing of things or swinging things around. just taking a moment to appreciate this wonderful and glorious life!


Anonymous said...

More pics of your beautiful new home please! Am dying to see! Xo laurie

Anonymous said...

And a beautiful new home it is! Good to be all settled into a new phase in your life! N,M,J &S have all made it their own!