I painted everyday for a full week. an experiment to see what comes out without thought or purpose. some days I flung paint and lost myself in textures and colour with loud fast music playing. other days I lost myself in the process. the paint on the brush hitting the paper. stroke by stroke as the hours would pass and I would feel a calmness envelope me.

I am learning which paints I love and which I could toss in the bucket. I am learning that mixing colour is fun. you never know what you get and when you run out of a colour it's like running out of eggs when your baking. what do you substitute? how do you make it work? do you get frustrated because you cannot duplicate the exact colour? or do you allow yourself to let go?

I am learning that somedays it is not about the final piece. it is about the process. the feeling. the release or the excitement. it has been the best daily workout ever! grab some paint and try it and let me know what happens for you.


Barbara German said...

Really like this post! Nice to 'meet ' you and thanks for your comment on my blog!

Madonnart said...

I love that you are painting. Painting everyday is the way to go, soon you will find your self wide awake at 3 am standing in front of your work in ya honey.