close encounters of what kind?

the other day I was driving to spruce grove. normally this trip would take me about 45 minutes from door to door. I usually leave in between 10:00 am and 10:15 am and arrive right before 11:00 am. however...

on this particular day something weird happened. I was driving along my usual route. crossed the henday and I know I am not far. that is the last thing I remember until I see the sign for banff, alberta. if you are not familiar with alberta let me give you the coles notes version. I was headed west to spruce grove. banff is south and not accessible by the highway I was driving on and there are no signs that indicate that a banff, alberta exit is available if you so choose.

or is there?

as I am driving along the road becomes very unfamiliar and I suspect that I am on the wrong road and turned around and started heading back the way I came because I was convinced that I had missed my turn off.

or had I?

a few minutes into my drive back and I decide to pull over and use my handy dandy i-phone and try and figure out where in the hell I am. I remained calm despite the fact that I had no idea where I was and the fact that I had seen a banff, alberta sign in what should be the highway to spruce grove. according to my gps I WAS headed the right way and WAS almost at my turn off. pull another u-turn and back on the highway where I saw the banff, alberta sign before. eyes peeled I looked and looked and I did not see it. WTH?

I arrived at my destination and parked the car. I sat for a moment thinking about what had just happened and the only conclusion I could come to was that I was abducted by aliens. yup! I have no recollection of it and no visible signs and weird thing is I was about ten minutes early for my appointment. hmmm?

why am I taking the time to even write about this ridiculous notion? well, this morning as michael shut the door on the dresser the phone light came on which only happens when you take the phone off the charger to make a call.


those damn aliens followed me home!

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