question in the back?

how many italians does it take to find this woman a walker?

you think this is a joke? now, all you italians don't go getting your pasta in a knot. this is serious! she obtained a walker from the rehab hospital which she is sporting in the above pic. after the government stimulus it came to $80.00. deal!

side note: in the pic she is waiting for the timer to go off before we rinse the color out of her hair. I have also introduced her to the finer things in life - second cup icepresso chiller. tim horton's ice capp? pffft!

now, where was I? look shiny things! oh yeah! okay so we see an ad in the flyer for one at canadian tire for a mere $124.99. steal! bring it home, set it up. too big. next!

I order from costco online another walker $129.99. still cheap. it arrives, we set it up, the girl takes it for a whirl. too big!

okay goldilocks listen up. too big, too small blah, blah, blah...

head to medical supply store a mere kilometer away from home (who knew) and find the exact same walker as seen above. red too! $373.99. at this point - bargain!

because here is the thing folks. I am paying the doctor good money to stay healthy and remain stress free and in my eyes keeping papa and mamma happy has its price and I am willing to pay it!

now pass the percocet and no one will get hurt. oh and pass mamma her pocket book. cha ching!

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Little A's mom said...

Oh so happy you found one that find. Had the same prob w/my grandma (hey she's less than 5 ft tall). Look out world here comes the big M!
love to you all