21 Days in September 2014

Ideas come to me all the time.  Mostly this happens on our beloved porch.  I call it the "idea porch".  I get an idea, I write it down, maybe sketch a little and file it away for - SOMEDAY.  Except tonight was different.  No more "someday"!  NOW is perfect!

Here is the scoop:  

The inspiration began with this song:

From there I got the crazy ass idea that for 21 Days in September 2014 I would flip to a page in a book.  Any book will do.  I just happened to choose Emptiness Dancing by Adyashanti.  I would see what words jumped out at me and write them down in a journal.  I chose the Strathmore Watercolor Journal.  Perhaps I will add some colour, collage or calligraphy.  Who knows!

It took about two minutes to gather my supplies and get down to it.  Then I continued with the crazy and created a Facebook page where I will post my pages.

You are welcome to join me and post your creations.  You do not need any special supplies or buckets of time to do this.  This is meant to be quick!  Have fun!  Keep it simple!

My intention for this 21 Days in September 2014 is to fill a little of that emptiness in my life.  Things are emptying out around here and times they are a changing.  What better way to get through it all then with ART and a book titled "emptiness dancing?" and a few moments to gather words.

Hope you will join me for the next 21 days!

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Unknown said...

I am in. Great, idea. <3