I made this!

following right along with the "I made this!" project…

today I made - GREEN JUICE!

I am off caffeine - AGAIN!  doctor's orders,  so I thought I would pick up juicing again as my afternoon pick - me - up.  my recipe is super simple:  spinach, celery, cucumbers, lemon and apples.  I toss in ginger as well but I didn't have any, so sans ginger today.

my juicer of choice is the hurom original slow juicer HU-100.  I have been through many juicers and this one has been the best of all.  super easy to use and clean.  

 look at that green goodness flowing out!  YUM!  today I called it "green sunshine"
all ready for consumption!  SO good!  and I suppose we can say better than caffeine!  for those of you who have to give up caffeine or are trying to find an alternative I use dandy blend.  it's good people!  this coming from an italian gal, coffee snob, former barista who cannot live without her cappuccinos.  I whip some up in the morning and add steamed milk and non the wiser it tastes as good as my cappuccinos.
mmm…almost finished my juice and I can feel that energy coming back!  yay!


Unknown said...

Yummy and so good for YOU <3

Unknown said...


GraceGal said...

That looks great! I have a juice that I make regularly, too. I've never heard of that juicer but I like the idea of slow. Good for you! One change can make such a difference. Thanks for stopping by my blog.