art therapy

what do you do when you feel like you are being pulled into a million different directions?  what do you do when you feel like there is not enough of you to go around?  what do you when what you want to do has nothing at all to do with what needs to be done?  what do you do when you feel like someone is holding you underwater and you can't catch your breath?  what do you do when self-care doesn't even make the cut on the to do list?  what do you do when you are feeling so sucky and knee deep in questioning everything and everyone who crosses your path?


grab a sheet of paper - any paper!  mine happened to be arches HP.  bigger is better.

drop cloth and BIG paper!

  grab some paint and crank the tunes.  drip, dribble, swoosh and spritz, smear and whack!  move your whole body and let it all go preferably on the floor.
drips, spritz

  this simple act of floor painting takes you out of your comfort zone and gives you a totally new experience.  not to mention the fact that when life hands you shit you best drop to your knees and pray.

smear - use your hands!
 once you let it all go on the paper how about cutting it up into pieces and creating some "soul cards?"

cut into 4 x 6
add some words that inspire you, support you, remind you and comfort you.  little boosts of love that YOU created!  from yucky to beautiful!  how's your mood now?

all cut up and lettered
I YOU to try it out for yourself!

here are some pics of the rest...


francie fancy pants said...

What a great post! uplifting & those colours and cards are so very impressive!!!

Madonnart said...

Nadia, you are doing beautiful work, well done