faves on friday

I have fallen in love with lena dunham!  thank you jenny!  "tiny furniture" was right up my alley!

the funny thing is once I saw her name at the start of the movie I knew it was the same girl from this:

I've been enjoying listening to the interviews from here!

since I am not able to attend in person I was super thrilled when they started on-line workshops.  just finished up with alena and gearing up for sarah.

I have not been sleeping much lately as I am dreaming about an adventure with one of my sistas.  it also includes two nights with this beautiful man.  oh my,  I may never come back...
meanwhile have a listen!

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Linda Woods said...

How did I not know about Tiny Furniture? I have to see that! Even tho something about Girls grossed me out, I watched every episode :)