washroom wednesday

ah yes, washroom wednesday you say? let's just say that this decorating the new home has been quite a challenge. from time to time I am still convinced that I am on a holiday and that I will be returning to my former home "soon". with that said I have not flexed my brave muscles when it comes to hammering holes in the wall or picking out items for the rooms. I wanted to share one of the rooms that for now are complete. our main bathroom.

when we renovated our bathroom in the old house we had a medicine cabinet with an etched mirror on the front. it is definitely old, but has wonderful character. I have held on to the mirror front all these years. it spent some time in my son's bedroom and now it is the mirror in our main bathroom. the towel is also vintage so to speak. mama had it in her piles of towels and it was the perfect colour so I scooped it up. we went with a pedestal sink cause mama said "I like a da sink" when she saw it in the show home. so although it would not have been my first choice because of the lack of storage. I do like it.
the basket over the sink houses extra toilet paper, wash cloths and kleenex. I picked the basket up at a second hand store. the colour and wire texture drew me to it. it was probably used for a flower pot basket at some point, but it fits on top of the tank perfectly.
the spot above the toilet consists of a collage of all the different bathrooms and bathroom elements that I have collected from our travels around the world. there are washrooms from cuba, mexico, italy, the dominican republic and chicago. there is a photo of the bathroom from my uncle's house in italy which is a stand up toilet. I also included a photo of the potty pot in the nightstand from my aunt's house also in italy. there is a picture of an outdoor sink and a couple of signs directing us to the appropriate facilities. I just printed the photos on my home printer and white washed some inexpensive ikea frames and voila.
there is a bit of wall next to the shower and here I framed a piece that I calligraphed and watercolored. it was not made with the idea of hanging it in the bathroom, but the colours and words just worked.
the wall opposite the sink has a towel bar and centred on the wall I framed up a piece of art that dan did in high school. he called it "clear hearts, grey flowers". it looks like some kind of resist and watercolour. I have hung on to this for years wanting to hang it up and finally I did.
with the assistance of "joey" I share with you my homemade trash can. dad had some leftover fence boards and so I drew up a design of what I wanted and just whitewashed it with some gesso.
the lid is a piece of wood that I collaged with little bits from our life and then added a knob from anthropologie.
here is a picture of it when I was working on it at mom and dad's. I made one for the master bath as well and the only regret is that I didn't incorporate a little door on the side near the bottom. it would have been a great place to hide extra toilet paper. especially in the main bathroom where there are no hiding places.
and there ya have it! I also wanted to share this, cute!

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