challenge is good continued...

on one of the days I was kicked out the house for a showing I ended up at value village. I've been admiring all the handmade ceramics on the internet and tried to think of how I could replicate them. I'm always inspired by alisa. she makes beautiful things out of stuff that you would never think of. her creativity blows my mind and so I thought why not try it?

I started with a tiny plate under a dollar!

it was one of those little keepsake plates from ottawa.
I started by coating the front with gesso.
I then tried some soft molding paste and sanded it down. mixed some colors together to give it that off white look.
added the word "fly" with rubber stamps. I actually pushed the rubber stamps into the paint and paste and then smeared some black paint over top so that the word would pop.

I love the way it turned out!

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