and poof it's september...

wow! where did the month go?

-I am now a year older, but I feel like I am getting younger everyday

-I created a whack of purses/bags for ponytails and horseshoes. I am so honored that they have given me the opportunity to sell my art in their salon.

-I reconnected with my old boyfriend from italy.

- I took off to toronto for a reunion with my tribe...

we shared our time creating...

eating good food and making mushroom mustaches...

talking till the wee hours of the morning and promising each other that this will be an annual event. four and half out of seven of us made it this year.
-I took the leap and signed up for this a while ago and made the deadline! woo!

-busy packing and sorting and even had a garage sale.

-picking colors and textures, cabinets and floors, appliances and furniture for the new place.

-dan has returned from his adventures in montreal. so happy he is back safe and sound. he turned twenty yesterday which is blowing my mind!

-I felt like this month I have had a good rhythm between taking care of mom and dad and feeding my soul. more time in the studio makes for a happy girl!

life is good!

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