the best surprise - EVER!

our last night in st. louis we had the most horrible storm. so bad in fact that we had a leak in our room. plop, plop, plop. maintenance came to check and asked if we wanted to change rooms. we were leaving the next day so it seemed kind of pointless. so we sat back and watched some tv. I started packing and shortly thereafter came a knock at the door. I was certain it was maintenance checking to see if we had drowned. I bent down to push aside the clothes that were all over the floor and making their way into the suitcase and when I looked up - GASP! there in front of me was dan and jille!

they drove thirty hours to surprise us in st. louis. I never knew that anyone loved me that much! turned out michael knew because dan had called to see where we were staying. he kept the secret all night and I was gifted with the best surprise of my life. I got to hug him over and over and just look at him. I couldn't believe my eyes. it was just what I needed.

they stayed the night and the next morning I was treated to my own private concert in the camper van. yes! the van! they are still on the road and continuing their journey. they just left phoenix last night.


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