on reflecting...

my word for the year "reflect".

It takes quite a bit of energy and courage to reflect.

when did it begin?

this feeling of there is something wrong with me?

who started it?

as I continue to feed into it while watching the media and my peers support it.

will I allow it to crush my spirit?

who was the very first person who told me I was STUPID? WHO WAS IT?

and WHO allowed me to believe it?

your ugly, your fat, your not good enough, you will never amount to anything, you are crazy, you should be ashamed of YOURSELF!

who said these words? WHO WAS IT?

I bet that when I was born someone thought I was beautiful.

someone thought I was smart when I read my first words aloud.

someone was proud of me when I rode my bike without training wheels. HELL YA!

someone thought I was pretty when I was wearing my red plastic earrings.

someone loved it when as a baby my butt hung in the air as I scooted across the floor.

as we celebrate valentine's day I say we celebrate ourselves. we NEED to love ourselves. we NEED to...

*quilted heart pin purchased here.


Anonymous said...

wow! tough words. all I can say is ditto baby..
love you more now than the day I met you..gush.

Anonymous said...

Loved you way back when you had your navel pierced and today luv ya morer.