Happy Tuesday!

Busy, busy, busy. I like lists. Correction....I LOVE lists. Lists make me feel like I have completed something and not just simply wasted the day away. Usually Mondays are my day to catch up and run errands and what have you. Not so for this Monday so today became errands/laundry/grocery day. Actually I had planned to sleep in this am. I usually am up between 7 and 8 am. so anything after that would have been bonus. Not so! First DH's alarm clock decides today will be the day of the gong sounding and the cymbals clanging. Seriously, how many reminders do you need to get out of bed! Then DH's cell phone rings its wonderfully loud and annoying ring. By this time I have decided that the world NEEDS me to get to up. It is imperative that I rise and start the day that and I needed to pee. So then the phone starts ringing. Mom calls to tell me that my Aunt's sister has passed away. Sad way to start the day. Add flower order to grocery list. Check library and books are due today. Add to list. Start laundry and retrieve phone message from Laurie. Busy. Did I mention if I don't add an item to the list it is forgotten? Not really forgotten, but it does not even exist! So technically it is not that I forgot "it" because "it" wasn't even "it" in the first place! Well after library drop off, groceries, laundry and returning calls I forgot to pick up bottled water! Yikes! There is always tomorrow! Until then look what I made today!

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